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About Amy

Amy O'Doherty was born December 21st, 1977 and grew up in Pelham, New York.  She graduated in 2000 from St. Bonaventure University in upstate New York.  After graduating from college, she moved to New York City into her first apartment and worked for Cantor Fitzgerald, an international securities firm with offices on floors 101-105 of the north tower of the World Trade Center.  She was lively, popular, and an excellent student.  She was a loved daughter by mother Geraldine Davie and father James O’Doherty.  She was a well loved sister to Maura.  Amy loved children and sunflowers.

A profile in the New York Times of Amy read:

To Amy O'Doherty, in her first job and apartment, Manhattan's streets emanated excitement and its air, promise — of new friends and smart conversations over steaks at Morton's, and of unlimited success. Of what Geraldine Davie, her mother, called "the largeness of life."

Ms. O'Doherty, 23, loved her job as a broker's assistant at Cantor Fitzgerald. "Financing, trading, bonds," said Liz Gallello, a childhood friend. "She wanted to take it – the career, the city woman lifestyle – as far as far it could go."

She was delighted with her five-story walk-up — so small, said Ms. Davie, that "Lilliputians should live in it." She filled it with dozens of framed photos of friends from Pelham, N.Y., where she grew up, and from camp, college and work.

"She was soaking up that great New York style," said Ms. Davie. "Picking up that New York language. She didn't know it but she was living her bliss."


About Amy's Greenhouse

Amy’s Greenhouse was built as a living memorial to Amy O’Doherty who perished at the age of 23 on September 11th, 2001 at the World Trade Center.  Amy was the daughter of Geraldine Davie, a since retired Pre-K teacher at Barnard Elementary School.  After the tragic day and during the shock and turmoil after the event, so many people sent flower arrangements and gifts to Amy’s family.  The thoughtfulness was appreciated but Geraldine Davie quickly began to see that she wanted something more permanent and constructive for Amy’s memory.  She began to ask that instead of gifts and flowers for people to send donations towards a project.  The concept of the greenhouse project evolved over time.

Donations from corporations, including especially Cantor Fitzgerald; the New Rochelle school district; the Barnard PTA; and private individuals;  were used to fund the project.  Amy’s mother campaigned for the project and continues to contribute and participate.

WTC: Twin Beams of Hope

New York City, N.Y. (Sept. 9, 2004) - As the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack approaches, a test of the Tribute in Light Memorial illuminates a passing cloud above lower Manhattan.

The twin towers of light, made-up of 44 searchlights near “Ground Zero,” are meant to represent the fallen twin towers of the World Trade Center.  Depending on weather conditions, the columns of light can be seen for at least 20 miles around the trade center complex. (USCG/IllinoisPhoto.com) (www.illinoisphotos.com)

About Barnard Early Childhood Center

The Barnard Early Childhood Center values what every member of our community brings to the educational process. Utilizing the Reggio Emilia approach to educating young children, knowledge is constructed as a result of dynamic interactions between the children, faculty, parents, administration and the physical and social environments. We strive to help children see the connections between learning and experiences and document these experiences in a bias-free community that is rich in diversity of people and thought.


  • Pre-K, Head Start and All Day Kindergarten
  • Enrollment: 600
  • Pre-K through 2nd grade
  • City wide Lottery system for admission
  • Italian CILA -- bi-lingual program
  • Child centered philosophy

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