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The mission of Amy’s Greenhouse and the greenhouse committee is positive, constructive and for children.  “Let Amy’s Spirit and love of children shape the values of all who come to learn and grow” is the motto of Amy’s Greenhouse.  A plaque, featured below, was dedicated on the 5th anniversary of the Twin Tower tragedy and is inside the greenhouse.

The mission statement for Amy’s Greenhouse, written by Principal Ms. Lambert, is:

On sunny days, as sunflowers grow, the buds track the journey of the sun from east to west. 
At night, the buds then return to their eastward orientation. 

Once a bud blooms, the steam freezes
and the sunflower faces an eastward direction to meet the sun as it rises. 

In the language of flowers, the sunflower promises power, warmth, and nourishment. 

Let us promise on this day, to utilize Amy’s Greenhouse as a place
where Barnard children will bloom and the rays of knowledge
will allow them to forever face the sun, head on.”

Mission Tilework

The committee attempts to schedule year round activities in the greenhouse that complement curriculum and enhance PTA events.  Individual teachers and also grade level departments create their own activities as well.

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