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2007/2008 Children's Projects

For the 2007/2008 school year the Barnard staff and students did a variety of projects in Amy’s Greenhouse.  The greenhouse was busy with activity and learning.

During October Barnard students participated the 2nd annual school wide pumpkin project.  The greenhouse provided one pumpkin per class.  Creativity was encouraged.

Winter Months into spring
During the colder months classes took advantage of the greenhouse and were able to get out of the school building.  They did a variety of projects, including: Amaryllis growth project; shamrock seed planting for St. Patrick’s Day; Mother’s Day gift plant creation.

Egg Incubation Project
This year members of the Greenhouse Committee took an Egg Incubation class at Cornell Cooperative Extension in Valhalla, New York.  The committee purchased incubation equipment. Initially the committee thought that the incubation could take place in the greenhouse.  But after learning about the importance of maintaining specific humidity levels, the project was moved inside with the willing participation of Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Conlan.  The incubation team was Alysa Vasapolli, Karen Hessel, Millie Radjonic, and Mrs. Virginia Conlan.  We picked up 12 eggs from the Cornell Cooperative Extension at Westchester Community College on April 29th.  For 21 days the eggs needed daily attention.  They needed the proper temperature and humidity conditions.  An automatic egg rotator was used so that the eggs would be rotated as required.  Thankfully, the chicks hatched on schedule.  We got 11 out of 12 eggs to hatch.  The children were thrilled.  Mrs. Conlan designed a complete age appropriate curriculum around the project where the children kept careful records of the embryo’s progress.  Books, songs, poetry and stories added depth to the  subject matter.  Other complimentary life cycle studies were included.  The focus was on the care of the eggs for a proper hatch.  Hatching the eggs into chicks was really thrilling for us.  Other classes were invited to share by witnessing the eggs, the hatch, and the chicks.

After School Program
Barnard offers a variety of after school clubs for the students.  The greenhouse was utilized both during the fall and spring semesters. 


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