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The committee attempts to schedule year round activities in the greenhouse that complement curriculum and enhance PTA events.  Individual teachers and also grade level departments create their own activities as well.

Volunteers are more than welcome to participate. We are actively seeking project leaders. Projects typically last one month and there is generally one project per month. Email us to volunteer.

Projects we are developing and staffing currently include the following:

October - Pumpkin Project - Each class gets one pumpkin to carve, decorate, weigh, paint and/or study.

November - Fall Crafts - Classes are given the opportunity to use acorns or colored leaves, etc. to decorate picture frames or candle holders.

December - Holly Plant Sale - Committee will sell small holly plants in celophane bags with ribbons as a fund raiser.

January - Amaryllis Project - School-wide project where each class gets an amaryllis bulb to plant and graph and track the growth. Amaryllis bulbs grow very quickly and the flowers are quite spectacular.

February - Propagating Project - Project whereby students clip smaller spider plants from a larger spider plant and watch groups form in clear plastic cups. They also can clip Swedish Ivy and use rooting hormone and soil to create a new plant with a 2nd technique.

February - Lettuce Project - Grade level project (your choice) whereby students grow lettuce for the Staff Appreciation Luncheon (March 11th).

March - Shamrock Project - School-wide project where students grow shamrocks from seeds.

April - Incubation Project - Children will hatch a dozen fertilized eggs in a classroom and keep the chicks for one week. Though the incubator resides in a single class, other classes may share in the experience.

May - Mother's Day Plant Sale - Moms will purchase plant material wholesale and create plants to sell. Sale is the Friday before Mother's Day.

June - Sunflower Project - Students can plant sunflower seeds in paper cups to start seedlings at school and plant at their own homes for the summer.


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