9-11-2014 New bricks & benches

Bricks installed 9-11-14

Plaques installed 9-11-14

  9-11-2013 New bricks & benches















 9-11-2012 New bricks





















 9-11-2011 New bricks















     9-11-2010 - New bricks

These are the newest bricks that will be unveiled on 9-11-10 at 6:00pm at Amy's Greenhouse at Barnard Elementary.  Thanks for your support!






             US Flag & New Bricks Unveiling - Friday 9/11/2009

Eleven new bricks were unveiled at the eighth anniversary of 9-11 ceremony at Amy's Greenhouse.  Thank you to those who purchased bricks.  These new bricks may be viewed by clicking here:                      9-11-2009 New bricks

A new permanent installation of a mosaic brick USA flag was unveiled at the eighth anniversary ceremony.  It was a generous gift of US Airways retired flight attendant Marianne Moore and her colleagues.  This wonderful gift may be viewed by clicking here:   US Flag at Amy's Greenhouse


                        Brick Unveiling - Friday May 8th, 2009

Amy's Greenhouse committee unveiled the latest 63 bricks on the patio on Friday, May 8th.  These bricks include many from family and friends of Amy; bricks purchased by groups of students in current classes; and other greenhouse supporters.

The red paths on the patio that connect the entrance to the greenhouse and the gazebo are now completely filled with engraved bricks.  Additional bricks were installed in the larger basketweave sections of the patio.


Click here to see these recent bricks  View Album .

Click here to see more bricks        View Album      Play slideshow

The brick unveiling date was also the annual Mother's Day Plant sale at the greenhouse.

Thanks to all our supporters.  Barnard really appreciate it.  It is especially touching to see the names of graduated students and families, teachers and friends.  It is heartwarming to know that happy memories are made here, while recognizing the loss of Amy O'Doherty, we celebrate her spirit every day.

Thank you to retired US Airways Flight Attendant for Large Donation

Recently the Barnard PTA received very generous donation from a retired US AirWays Flight Attendant Marianne Moore to be used for new engraved bricks and outdoor furniture at Amy's Greenhouse.  While attending an out of state wedding, Millie Radonjic graciously accepted the unexpected donation from the bride Marianne Moore-Palumbo. The flight attendants and pilots continue to be affected on a daily basis by the 9-11 tragedy and said that they see Amy's Greenhouse as a positive way to channel their grief.


            Marianne & Millie, Amy's Greenhouse Chairwoman     

Financial Donations  

We appreciate financial donations from family, friends and in memory of lost loved ones.  You may mail a check payable to "Barnard PTA - Amy's Greenhouse" to - Amy's Greenhouse, Barnard Early Childhood Center, 129 Barnard Road, New Rochelle, NY  10801, attn. Millie.  Thank you in advance for your donations.  If your financial donation is for $100 or more, you may choose to purchase an engraved brick for a lasting memorial.  See below.

Mother's Day Plant Sale

 The Amy’s Greenhouse Committee and Barnard PTA sponsor an annual Mother’s Day Plant Sale to generate revenue for year round gardening projects.  Hanging plants are offered for pre-sale in the weeks before the plant sale.  


           Amy's Greenhouse looks so beautiful ...


               PTA members purchased plants wholesale at the Bronx Terminal Market and spent several weekends and evenings assembling herb baskets and other gift plantings.  Hanging baskets were sold on a pre-order basis, 65 baskets were purchased. 


               Special thanks to Lily's mom Lisa Eichler who used her skills and made lots of beautiful decorated pots for the Amy’s Greenhouse Mother's Day Plant Sale 


Marianne, in her sunflower dress, made shure that all the displayed arrangements are in their proper place!


Mini clear plastic pocketbooks were donated by designideas.net and were sold at the sale.  The company sells a variety of their products at the Bronx Botanical Garden gift shop.

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